Meine Session PlayList „Security“ für die Ignite 2018

Die Ignite 2018 nähert sich mit riesen Schritten – und wie jedes Jahr sind eine Menge spannende Sessions dabei – grade auch zu meinem Thema „Security & Compliance“ (im Modern Workplace).

Und wie letztes Jahr habe ich euch mal „meine Playlist“ zusammengestellt (basierend auf dem aktuellen Session Katalog, hier kann es natürlich noch zu kurzfristigen Änderungen kommen, ich werde euch – sobald verfügbar – eine YouTube Playlist mit den aufgezeichneten Videos zusammenstellen).

Hier in zwei Tabellen zuerst die sog. „Theater“ Sessions, die i.d.R. rund 20min lang sind und im Anschluss die längeren „Breakouts„, die bis zu 75min lang sein können.

Und ja, das sind viele und ja, es sind nicht „alle“ verfügbaren und ja, ich erhebe keinerlei Anspruch auf irgendeine Vollständigkeit.
@Cortana: sage alle meine Termine für Oktober ab und stelle meinen Status auf „Ich bin dann mal Extrem-Igniten“

Ich habe auch eine Playlist für das Thema „GDPR“/“DSGVO“ erstellt – aber vorsicht (!!), da sind nicht nur Modern Workplace Sessions drin (und manche kennt ihr auch von den Listen unten!)! 😉


ResetInformation Protection (13)Identities (22)Threat Protection (13)Secure Score (3)Intune (5)Microsoft Graph (5)Cloud App Security (13)

Session Code Title Speaker Link
THR1064 Understanding the value proposition of Azure Key Vault Jasjit Chopra
THR1096 Beware ransomware! How to mitigate risk with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 security features Harjit Dhaliwal, Maurice Daly
THR1097 Security is important to SMBs, too Dave Padget https://myignite…./sessions/66569
THR2000 Discover what’s new and what’s coming in Office 365 Message Encryption and Azure Information Protection Praveen Vijayaraghavan, Salah Ahmed
THR2002 Keeping your sensitive data secure in Office 365 with data loss prevention Denise Goh
THR2003 Data discovery, Usage reporting and analytics for all your data with Microsoft Information Protection Praveen Vijayaraghavan, Lior Lukov
THR2005 The latest and greatest Microsoft information protection capabilities you should be using now Praveen Vijayaraghavan, Shalini Akella
THR2008 Understanding the platforms managed by Microsoft Intune to build mobility solutions Saud Al-Mishari
THR2012 What’s new with the Microsoft 365 security and compliance center Alex Li
THR2014 Partner showcase 1: Empowering security ecosystem partners using Microsoft Graph Security API Sarah Fender
THR2037 Comprehensive threat protection for Office 365 Debraj Ghosh
THR2064 Level up on identity-driven endpoint security with conditional access based on device trust Jimmy Lin
THR2065 Automate your security incidents with Windows Defender ATP Girish Chander, Raviv Tamir
THR2066 How Microsoft can save you X% on your EPP and EDR spend with Windows Defender ATP Chris Hallum
THR2069 Raise your game as a security administrator with Windows Defender ATP Deepak Manohar
THR2075 Discover shadow IT and detect anomalies with Office 365 Cloud App Security Shalini Pasupneti
THR2081 Single sign-on best practices for Azure Active Directory and Microsoft accounts Saeed Akhter
THR2130 Deploy and manage Cloud App Security in Office 365 Riaz Javed Butt
THR2148 Experiences with going password-less Sander Berkouwer
THR2158 How TalkTalk came to see security as a key benefit of Microsoft 365 Andrew Dacombe, John Gaskell, Lee Sabow
THR2214 From the trenches: Hardening your Azure Active Directory tenant Sander Berkouwer
THR2238 Joining devices to Azure Active Directory in a hybrid world Sandeep Deo
THR2256 Best practices for privileged access management Joe Vachon
THR2283 Great data heists and data security best practices Rob Juncker
THR2287 Is your Office 365 data protected? Vairavan Subramanian
THR2296 Making sense of defense: Avoiding security fatigue and engaging with your users Bob Adams
THR2343 Why cybercriminals know more about your employees than you do Duane Kuroda
THR2346 How to mitigate the new cybersecurity threat Paul Brunelle
THR2363 Don’t get phished! Blythe Price , Vamsy Kolluri
THR2368 Governing and securing Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft enterprise Anas Shaikh
THR3005 Protect your sensitive data as you migrate from on-premises to the cloud Enrique Saggesse, Kevin McKinnerney
THR3024 How to add MFA to your Exchange Online/on-premises mailboxes in 20 minutes or less Jeff Guillet
THR3030 Shadow IT discovery beyond the corporate network with Windows Defender ATP and Cloud App Security Niv Goldenberg
THR3038 Application control made easy with the power of the Intelligent Security Graph Jeffrey Sutherland
THR3039 Become the hunter: Advanced hunting in Windows Defender ATP Heike Ritter
THR3040 Dramatically improve your security posture through attack surface area reduction Amitai Rottem
THR3041 Staying secure with Azure AD and Microsoft Secure Score Stu Clark, Nitika Gupta
THR3042 How ML helps Microsoft provide better and more secure Identity experiences with self-adapting systems Maria Puertas Calvo
THR3043 Secure administration across Microsoft Office and Azure clouds Steve Lieberman
THR3044 Maximizing business value available with identity in the cloud Jasmine Perez, Sadie Henry
THR3046 Choosing the right authentication method Swaroop Krishnamurthy
THR3047 Ensure all your users have strong passwords with Azure Active Directory password protection Anand Yadav
THR3048 Credential Protection in the Password-less Era Steve Syfuhs
THR3074 How to get started with Azure MFA the right way Jan Ketil Skanke
THR3076 Azure Information Protection and Exchange Online – better together Michael Van Horenbeeck
THR3087 Using Enterprise Management + Security to secure OneDrive Olav Tvedt
THR3090 Get started with Intune application protection and conditional access in 20 minutes Jan Ketil Skanke
THR3135 Flash patch to bang: The need for a speedy patching process Jonathan Lange
THR4006 Raising awareness and education of modern threats to help reduce your organization’s risk profile Stu Clark
THR4008 Defending the cloud: A look behind the scenes on how we secure Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Jeff McDowell, Matt Swann
Session Code Title Speaker Link
BRK2006 Use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to help protect your sensitive data everywhere, throughout its lifecycle Gagan Gulati; Rudra Mitra
BRK2009 Comprehensive endpoint protection with Windows Defender ATP Chris Hallum, Heike Ritter
BRK2010 How to get the most out of the new Microsoft 365 security and compliance centers Alex Li
BRK2012 Harnessing the power of the Intelligent Security Graph Sarah Fender
BRK2157 Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365 Yinon Costica, Alex Weinert
BRK2158 Elevate the security for all your cloud apps and services with the Microsoft CASB – Cloud App Security Niv Goldenberg, Kim Kischel
BRK2250 Customer voice: How The Emirates Group and BP secure operations with Microsoft Threat Protection Zvi Ben-Sheffer, Vineet M. Bhatia, Chris Eaton
BRK2251 Double your security team productivity…without doubling capacity Girish Chander, Raviv Tamir
BRK2252 Taking steps three two and one to zero-trust Alex Weinert, Sumi Venkitaraman
BRK2253 What’s new for Windows Hello for Business AABHA THIPSAY , Mike Stephens
BRK2254 Azure Active Directory: New features and roadmap Alex Simons, Melanie Maynes
BRK2265 Architecting your app’s access and security with identity as the control plane Kyle Marsh
BRK2266 Streamlining your business processes using Microsoft Graph Jeff Sakowicz
BRK2447 Cutting edge cyber security Bret Arsenault
BRK2482 End-to-end security for SMBs with Microsoft 365 Business Ozgur Ozgungor, Zahid Saeed
BRK2483 Azure networking internals: A closer look at how Azure’s global network delivers high levels of connectivity, security and reliability Albert Greenberg
BRK3002 Understanding how Microsoft Information Protection capabilities work together to protect sensitive information across devices, apps, and services Aashish Ramdas, Mas Libman, Mike Paer
BRK3005 Understanding how Microsoft Information Protection capabilities work together to protect sensitive information across devices, apps, and services Aashish Ramdas, Mas Libman, Mike Paer
BRK3006 Defend against mobile threats and increase user productivity with Intune-managed Edge browser Andy Cerat, Jamie Silvestri
BRK3009 Accelerate deployment and adoption of Microsoft Information Protection solutions Allen Courtright, Enrique Saggesse, Mavi Etzyon-Grizer
BRK3022 Unlocking security insights with the Microsoft Graph Security API Jason Wescott
BRK3029 Whether BYO or IT-owned or in cloud, protect your information on any device with Microsoft Intune Mayunk Jain
BRK3031 Getting to a world without passwords Alex Simons, Manini Roy
BRK3037 Windows devices and Azure Active Directory: What’s new and what’s upcoming Samuel Devasahayam, Sandeep Deo
BRK3059 Manage keys, secrets, and certificates for secure apps and data with Azure Key Vault Kelly Anderson, Sumedh Barde
BRK3105 Monitor and control user sessions in real-time across your cloud apps with conditional access app control Alex Esibov
BRK3114 Manage your tenant’s security and privacy settings, and protect your organization’s data using Compliance Manager François van Hemert, Om Vaiti, Scott Schnoll, Tina Ying
BRK3116 Insights from the Security Research team: All the cyber threat techniques you never knew about Gal Zilberstein, Tim Burrell
BRK3117 SecOps and incident response with Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Protect, detect, and respond Astrid McClean, Eyal Manor
BRK3135 Learn more about security and compliance for Microsoft Teams Ansuman Acharya
BRK3221 Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App Security Gal Zilberstein
BRK3222 Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App Security Caroline Shin, Abhishek Kumar https://myignite…./sessions/65704
BRK3226 Secure access to Office 365/Azure Active Directory with new features in AD FS in Windows Server 2019 and Azure AD Password Protection Vinicius Apolinario, Samuel Devasahayam, Adam Harbour, Anand Yadav
BRK3234 An IT pros guide to Open ID Connect, OAuth 2.0 with the V1 and V2 Azure Active Directory endpoints John Craddock
BRK3237 Securing your hybrid cloud environments with Azure ATP and AAD Identity Protection Dana Kaufman, Eyal Manor, Jason Wilson
BRK3238 Introduction to identity standards Pamela Dingle
BRK3240 Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C Jose Rojas, Pablo Aymerich, Karen Perez Diaz, Lin Ma
BRK3241 Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to secure user access while unlocking productivity across Microsoft 365 Alex Esibov, Caleb Baker, Joey Glocke
BRK3243 Hybrid identity and access management best practices Mark Morowczynski, Adam Steenwyk
BRK3245 Level up your organization’s security posture with Office 365 applications Bryan Jeffries
BRK3247 Using Microsoft Secure Score to harden your security position Dustin Bray, Heike Ritter, Stu Clark (Wurde nicht recorded), alternative Inhalte: Microsoft Secure Score Dashboard Overview, How To Increase Security Position Over Time, How to See Your Security Position Over Time, How to Use the Microsoft Secure Score API
BRK3248 Protect the keys to your kingdom with Privileged Identity Management Steve Lieberman
BRK3249 Granting partners and suppliers access to resources using Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration Elisabeth Olson
BRK3251 Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security Mark Morowczynski, Nitika Gupta
BRK3272 Authentication and passwords: The good, the bad, and the really ugly! Hasain Alshakarti
BRK3275 Successful and secure management of your Yammer network in a GDPR world Dante Avery, Martina Grom
BRK3397 Protect and control your sensitive emails with Office 365 Message Encryption Salah Ahmed, Praveen Vijayaraghavan
BRK3401 Azure Active Directory security insights with Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and reporting Rajat Luthra
BRK3408 Azure Active Directory best practices from around the world Tarek Dawoud, Sean Ivey
BRK3409 The future of threat protection: Become efficient, cost effective, and more secure with Office 365 Threat Intelligence Girish Chander , John Engels
BRK3411 Secure enterprise productivity with Office 365 threat protection services including EOP, ATP, and Threat Intelligence Josh Zelonis, Sumit Malhotra
BRK4000 Leveraging the power of Microsoft threat protection to secure the modern workplace across data, endpoints, identities, and infrastructure Adam Hall, Itzik Menashe, Rudra Mitra
BRK4002 Securing your Office 365 environment from advanced phishing campaigns with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Abhishek Agarwal, Ross Adams
BRK4010 Anatomy of an attack in Microsoft 365 Brandon Koeller, Stu Clark
BRK4022 Troubleshooting OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 protocols on Azure Active Directory John Craddock
BRK4023 Rising risk of social engineering Milad Aslaner

Bei dem Zusammenstellen bin ich ziemlich heiß auf den Content geworden, kann es kaum noch erwarten, ich hoffe es geht euch nach dem Lesen der Liste genauso!
Security is the place to be und mit dem was da an Content drin steckt wird es auch ganz einfach! 😉

Wenn ihr Microsoft Partner seid und euch in einem oder mehreren der Themen eine Lösung in eurem Portfolio vorstellen könnt und bei der Umsetzung Unterstützung benötigt, dann sprecht euren OCP Ansprechpartner (insb. PDM/PTS) an und wir gewinnen dann gemeinsam!



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