My Session PlayList “Security & Compliance” for Ignite 2019

Ignite 2019 is approaching fast – and again there are a lot of interesting and thrilling sessions coming – esp. regarding „my“ topics “Security & Compliance” (in Modern Workplace).

Update1: Added Security Path SECI & SECO
Update2: translated to English
Update3: Added (Tech) Keynotes
Update4: Added Compliance Path COMP
Update5: Added Top3 Highlight Sessions
Update6: The 2019 ignite pages have been removed. You can find (at least) the BRKs on youtube. Maybe I will go the way to replace all the broken links. tbc

And same procedure as last year I created “my Playlist” (based on the current session catalog, there might be short-term changes and I will update the list as soon as I am aware of such a change.
As soon as the recordings are available on YouTube I will update the links to these because it will be more reliable for the future.

I have five tables for you, first the „Securing your Organization“ then the „Configuring and deploying security and identity solutions“ security path and third in the line is the „Meeting organizational compliance requirements„. After that the “Theater” Sessions (normally ~20min) and last but not least the “Breakouts“, these might be up to 75min.

And yes, these are quite a few – probably not „every“ available and I don’t say it’s 100%.
@Cortana: please cancel all my appointments for November and change my Teams status to „I am extrem igniting“!

And of course you should start with the keynotes:

My Top3 Sessions

  1. SECI20 „Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security“ (best content)
  2. BRK4010 „Windows security internals: Containers for the win“ (best presentation of >L400 content)
  3. INK01 „Envisioning Tomorrow Keynote: innovating for an alternative futur“ (most innovative)

And now go for the sessions:


ResetInformation Protection (13)Identities (22)Threat Protection (13)Secure Score (3)Microsoft Graph (5)Cloud App Security (2)Edge (2)Windows 10 (4)Security (Mgmt) (1)Compliance (1)

Securing your Organisation Sessions:

# Title Speaker
O10 Secure your enterprise with a strong identity foundation Sue Bohn
O20 Dive deep into Microsoft Threat Protection: See how we defend against threats like phishing and stop attacks in their tracks across your estate Raviv Tamir
O30 End-to-end cloud security for all your XaaS resources Yinon Costica
O40 Understanding how the latest Microsoft Information Protection solutions help protect your sensitive data Mavi Etzyon-Grizer
O50 Top ten best security practices for Azure today Mark Simos

Configuring and deploying security and identity solutions Sessions:

# Title Speaker
I10 Identity and access management best practices from around the world Ramiro Calderon
I20 Shut the door to cybercrime with identity-driven security Mark Morowczynski
I30 Tips, tricks, and best practices from the experts for deploying Microsoft Threat Protection Zvi Ben-Sheffer
I40 Accelerating deployment of Microsoft Information Protection solutions Rafael Dominguez
I50 Modernize your SIEM in the cloud with Azure Sentinel Sarah Fender

Meeting organizational compliance requirements:

# Title Speaker
10 Know your data: Use intelligence to identify, protect, and govern your important data Maithili Dandige
20 Identifying and taking action on insider risks and code of conduct violations Mark Morowczynski
30 Take control of your data explosion with intelligent Information Governance Shilpa Ranganathan
40 E-discovery and Audit: Harnessing intelligent and end-to-end solutions to improve results and lower costs​ Cathy Yang
50 Supercharge your ability to simplify and automate IT risk assessment Om Vaiti

Theater Sessions:

# Title Speaker
1007 Are you struggling with compliance requirements? Microsoft 365 can help! Malli Vangala
1050 No more spreadsheets – assess and manage your IT risks with a risk-based score Scott Schnoll
1073 Protect your data in Microsoft Teams Praveen Vijayaraghavan
1074 Learn more about intelligent information governance across all your data Roberto Yglesias
1081 Top 10 reasons why you’ll choose the next version of Microsoft Edge Wale Martins
2013 Compliance best practices in Office 365 Vladimir Meloski
2027 Do more with Advanced eDiscovery: Custodian communications, working sets, and review Iram Arras
2028 Microsoft 365 Advanced Auditing for forensic and compliance investigations Atanu Banerjee
2058 Discover shadow IT across all your SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS resources Danny Kadyshevitch
2096 Quick tour of the latest and greatest Data Loss Prevention capabilities in Microsoft 365 to help prevent oversharing of sensitive information Mas Libman
2097 Top new information protection capabilities announced at Microsoft Ignite Alon Yardeni
2098 Latest Microsoft Information Protection partner solutions to help protect your sensitive data Milton Moser
2099 Extending data protection to Microsoft Power BI to better secure your sensitive information Denis Mizetski
2100 Extending data classification, labeling, and protection to SharePoint Online to better secure your sensitive data Krishna Krishnamurthy
2101 How customers are implementing Microsoft Information Protection solutions to secure their important data Enrique Saggese
2103 Maxing out your security posture with the new and improved Microsoft Secure Score Nayna Sheth
2104 It’s not technology but people that are your first line of defense. It’s time to harden them! Brandon Koeller
2199 Better together: Microsoft 365 Threat Protection and the Azure Sentinel SIEM Raviv Tamir
2200 Lift and shift your legacy applications using Azure Active Directory Domain Services Mike Stephens
2201 Reduce IT friction with seamless identity end-user experiences Kalila Simpson
2237 A world without passwords Sarah Scott
2251 How Microsoft empowers employees through self-service collaboration while still protecting the company in Office 365 Katia Gomes Cavalcanti
2268 Demopalooza III: The latest Office and Windows capabilities with Jack Elmore Jack Elmore
2275 Real life hacks and how to stop them with Windows and Office updates David Weston
2278 Insider risk protection and containment with Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault Bret Arsenault
2279 Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Search: Complete tour for IT admins and users Chuck Friedman
3005 Sliding laterally: How attackers move through your network Tali Ash
3011 Reduce risk with Microsoft 365 access control technologies Anand Menon
3048 Threats in the wild: Detecting on-premises threats with Azure Advanced Threat Protection Tali Ash
3049 Protect against waves of email attacks – Introducing campaign views in Office 365 ATP Mihai Costea
3050 Compromise is co$$$$tly! Detect account compromise early and stop the attackers in their tracks with O365 ATP Ross Adams
3052 Detecting cloud native attacks and automating remediation Sebastien Molendijk
3054 Protecting any app – in the cloud and on-premises Anisha Gupta
3055 Giving you the upper hand in combating web threats with Microsoft Defender ATP Patrick Jungles
3056 Unleash the hunter in you: Advanced hunting in Microsoft Defender ATP Hadar Feldman
3059 A mobile secure workplace for lawyers and other persons with confidential information Raphael Koellner
3065 Application proxy: The hidden gem of Microsoft 365 Gracia Comvalius-Herts
3067 Know your data: Top five tips and tricks to better understand your sensitive data landscape Cathy Lin
3068 Top five best practices to accelerate your deployment of Microsoft Information Protection solutions Mavi Etzyon-Grizer
3076 Get the most out of passwordless authentication and avoid pitfalls Aabha Thipsay
3078 Migrate to modern authentication with Azure Active Directory Jairo Cadena
3079 Govern access for employees and partners with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance Rahul Prakash
3080 Gain fine-grained access controls of your administrative roles with Azure Active Directory custom roles Arturo Lucatero
3135 Secure customer identity and access management using Azure Active Directory B2C Adam Stoffel
3136 Streamline your business processes and development with Azure Active Directory APIs in Microsoft Graph Eliza Kuzmenko
3139 Identifying and remediating critical insider risks and policy violations Talhah Mir

Breakout Sessions:

# Title Speaker
010 Navigate data protection and risk management in the cloud era Alym Rayani
1014 Secure your edge with the new, most secure Windows 10 PCs David Weston
1019 State of the browser: Microsoft Edge Sean Lyndersay
1041 Built in and cloud powered – elevate your endpoint security with Microsoft Defender ATP Heike Ritter
2051 What’s new and what’s next: Security and compliance in SharePoint and OneDrive Sesha Mani
2059 Data residency with Office 365 datacenters Brian Day
2080 Simplify sign in and authorization with the Microsoft identity platform Saeed Akhter
2104 Your users are under attack! Strengthen your anti-phishing defense with these O365 ATP best practices Girish Chander
2105 Superlative protection, unparalleled intelligence: Learn why Office 365 ATP is the most trusted solution Jason Rogers
2107 Security solutions from Microsoft, but not just for Microsoft services Kim Kischel
2109 We’ve got your back: Team up with Microsoft’s security experts to respond to critical threats Jessica Payne
2119 Secure your sensitive data! Understanding the latest Microsoft Information Protection capabilities Gagan Gulati
2120 Got Azure Information Protection? Navigating unified labeling, policy configuration, clients, and analytics Maayan Naaman Rand
2122 Demystifying Microsoft Information Protection solutions: A panel discussion with the product experts Mas Libman
2123 Take back the advantage: Max out your security posture with the all new Microsoft Secure Score Nayna Sheth
2124 How to operationalize making ongoing security posture assessments and improvements part of your organization’s DNA Michelle Gilbert
2125 99+% of breaches didn’t occur because technology failed us. It’s time to fix the people problem! Brandon Koeller
2126 Detect, investigate, and respond to identity-based threats in your environment with Azure ATP Tali Ash
2127 Finding needles in a haystack: How to use Azure ATP to identify and investigate compromised users and suspicious activities at hybrid organizations. Tali Ash
2132 Real-world steps to protect against user account compromise. How Microsoft uses Identity Protection and Conditional Access to protect its assets without disruption? Caleb Baker
2180 Microsoft Graph Yina Arenas
2229 Unveil all the tools you need to use for risk management and compliance: Microsoft 365 compliance center Ruchi Chopra
2231 Keep users productive and data secure in a cloud-first world: Secure browsing with Microsoft Edge Arunesh Chandra
2235 Protect your data (in-transit and at-rest) with Microsoft 365 encryption technologies Brijesh Desai
2240 Implementing a zero trust security model at Microsoft Brian Fielder
2250 2Lessons on operational resilience: Outcomes from Microsoft Defense and Response Team (DART) customer engagements to help organizations become operationally resilient to cyberthreats Ann Johnson
2251 2019 Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey insights Joram Borenstein
2272 Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture: A-Z explained with live demos Mohamed Gibreel
2384 Data is exploding: Intelligently manage your data lifecycle with information governance Shilpa Ranganathan
3003 New Yammer compliance and administration experiences in Microsoft 365 John Bacus
3040 Optimal network connectivity for Office 365 performance: What is it and how to get there Konstantin Ryvkin
3041 Role-based access control in Microsoft 365: Improve your operations and security posture Alice Appleton
3052 How do we operate Microsoft Data Center with zero trust Art Sadovsky
3055 Insider risks keeping you up at night? Leveraging intelligence, Microsoft 365 can help you! Talhah Mir
3056 Quickly identify and remediate corporate code-of-conduct policy violations Christophe Fiessinger
3059 eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and beyond Iram Arras
3083 Endpoint security management with Microsoft Defender ATP and Microsoft Endpoint Manager Matt Shadbolt
3088 Microsoft Office Privacy Controls and Diagnostic Data Brian Albrecht
3100 What does your sensitive data landscape look like? Best practices in data discovery, classification, analytics and reports Athanasios Themelis
3101 Protecting sensitive information in Office apps and Office 365 services: A deeper look at the latest enhancements Mike Paer
3102 Using data loss prevention policies in Microsoft 365 to prevent oversharing of sensitive information across apps and services Vaibhav Upadhyay
3103 Protecting sensitive files and data can be hard. Choose the right data protection options that balance security and worker productivity Aashish Ramdas
3105 Connect your workforce to all the apps they need with Azure Active Directory Luis Carlos Leon Plata
3106 Eliminate your weakest link with passwordless authentication Libby Brown
3108 Modernize your hybrid environment with Azure Active Directory Jeevan Bisht
3109 Govern your workforce and guest user access with Azure Active Directory Joseph Dadzie
3110 Winning strategies for identity security and governance Alex Weinert
3112 Love all your identities – Building digital relationships with your customers and partners Elisabeth Olson
3113 New frontiers in identity standards Pamela Dingle
3114 Building trust into digital experiences with decentralized identities Ankur Patel
3141 Securing the modern workplace with Microsoft solutions in 10 (easy) steps Michael Van Horenbeeck
3143 Secure your information, not your devices Olav Tvedt
3153 SecOps teams – don’t drown in a sea of alerts! Use O365 ATP automation for efficient incident response Sumit Malhotra
3154 Integrating CASB into IAM for a comprehensive identity security strategy Dana Kaufman
3156 Security in overdrive! Best practices for configuring Microsoft Defender ATP Dilip Radhakrishnan
3194 Azure Active Directory cloud authentication doesn’t just mean “sign-in” John Craddock;
3239 Advanced Threat Protection with Office 365 apps Sriram Iyer
3248 Securing Exchange Online from modern threats Brandon Koeller
3253 Protected, productive mobile browsing with Microsoft Edge mobile and Microsoft Intune Ileana Wu
3257 Leverage the cloud to strengthen your on-premises Active Directory security Charity Shelbourne
3259 Windows diagnostic data compliance Steve Conn
3265 Make the most of your blue team: Empower defenders with the correlated incidents and automation in our threat protection stack Michael Shalev
3266 Make the predators your prey: Explore advanced threat hunting across identities, endpoints, and Office 365 with Microsoft 365 Threat Protection Naama Schlesinger
3267 Bridge the gap between HR, IT and business with the Azure Active Directory identity provisioning platform Nitika Gupta
3273 Continuously assess and monitor your IT and data protection risks in Microsoft 365 Om Vaiti
3291 Securing, governing, and protecting your Office 365 investments Chris Bortlik
3328 Leverage compliance capabilities in Microsoft Teams and Yammer Mas Libman
4007 Microsoft identity platform best practices for developers Kyle Marsh
4010 Windows security internals: Containers for the win Chris Jackson
4016 Real detection stories! See how Microsoft 365 Threat Protection defeated actual attacks and adheres to the MITRE framework Elia Florio
4017 The science behind Azure Active Directory Identity Protection Rajat Luthra

While compiling the list I got pretty hot on the content, can hardly wait any longer, I hope you feel the same after reading the list!
Security is the place to be and with the content of #msignite19 it will be very easy to getting more secure! 😉

If you are a Microsoft Partner and can imagine a solution in your portfolio in one or more of the topics and need support for the implementation, then contact your OCP contact (especially PDM/PTS) and we will win together!



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