Microsoft Playliste RSA Conference Feb 2020

Wie schon zur Microsoft Ignite möchte ich euch die relevanten Microsoft Inhalte der RSA Conference 2020 vorstellen. Da es sich um deutlich weniger Content handelt als bei der Ignite verlinke ich die Videos gleich hier in den Post:

Why Your People Are Still Your Best Cyber-Defense

Ann Johnson, CVP Microsoft Cyber Security Group

Collaborating to Improve Open Source Security: How the Ecosystem Is Stepping Up

Mark Russinovich, CTO Microsoft Azure

Breaking Password Dependencies: Challenges in the Final Mile at Microsoft

Alex Weinert, Microsoft Director of Identity Security
Lee Walker, Microsoft Principle Program Manager, Identity

AI Security Engineering—Modeling/Detecting/Mitigating New Vulnerabilities

Andrew Marshall, Principal Security Program Manager
Jugal Parikh, Microsoft Senior Data Scientist
Raul Rojas, Microsoft Security Assurance Architect

Nation-States and Advanced Actors vs. Your Legal Team

Cristin Goodwin, Microsoft Assistant General Counsel

All That Glitters? Debunking Fool’s Marketing of ML and AI

Diana Kelley, Microsoft Cybersecurity Field CTO

When Privacy Meets Populism: How People Are Influencing the Data Debate

Julie Brill, Microsoft Corporate Vice President

You Feel Me? How Reading Chemistry Can Improve Your Success

Lisa Lee, Chief Security Advisor, Global Lead for Financial Services, Microsoft

Securing the Software Development Life Cycle with Machine Learning

Scott Christiansen, Microsoft Senior Security Program Manager
Mayana Pereira, Microsoft Data Scientist

Cloud-Powered Compromise Blast Analysis: In the Trenches with Microsoft IT

Sarah Handler, Microsoft Program Manager II
Kristina Laidler, Microsoft Senior Director, SOC and Incident Response, Digital Security and Risk Engineering